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Gardening in a Limited Space

If you have recently moved to Stonehaven and you are keen to cultivate your small allotted garden, you might be wondering how to get started on the business of cultivating such a limited space. One thing to worry about is the funding required to start your garden. Certainly you recently gained a place to live and hopefully you did so with savings so there is no mortgage. Yet, if you used all your money to buy the home an you are retired you might be looking for a different type of Stonehaven meaning equity releases. Take a look not only on how to truly start your garden, but also how to fund it.

Equity Release for Reaching those Retirement Goals
You have retirement goals. Obviously one of those is gardening or you wouldn’t keep reading. Yet, you probably have some financial situations that must be met in order to afford your time gardening. Lots of people retire with goals such as travelling on those special holidays that took a lifetime to save up for. Other individuals need money to improve their home so they can live comfortably.

So if you need money then you might be interested in the select plan offered by Stonehaven. It is an interest only lifetime mortgage in which you can gain the funds you need to start a garden, improve your home, or just live comfortably. The idea behind this type of mortgage is to leave the principle balance until after you have decided to move out of your home or expire. You still pay the interest off each month, but the interest is low and affordable making it possible to enjoy retired life without the hassles of later repayment.

You do need to be at least 55 years of age and own your home. You can also use the mortgage to pay off another, but since this is a lifetime product you really want to own the home. This way when you spend time working on a garden and using equity in your home it is for the things you love and not worry later.

Gardening Basics to Use after the Funding is Available.

If you are used to working on a large patch of ground, this kind of micro-garden presents a new kind of challenge, and requires that you work with a limited set of tools as well. If your garden is small, the chances are good that your shed is equally as limited when it comes to space, and so there is no point, for example, in buying a large four wheeled lawn mower.

To begin with, you will need to get yourself the fundamental tools of the trade; a long handled shovel and fork. These will help you to dig new beds and aerate the soil, and they can be easily stored on a specially designed rack available from most garden centres.

In addition, you will want to get yourself a good strong pair of shears or secateurs. In your small garden, there will be little use for the exceptionally long-handled variety, so you can probably get by with the smaller, shorter variations.

With just a few basic tools in your arsenal, you will find that cultivating your smaller space becomes a simple business. The key to this kind of horticulture is, after all, simplicity – don’t get too carried away and stick to the basics.

Back to Equity Release for a Moment
Gardening is certainly your passion and hopefully the above tips are helpful to you. While we have discussed the interest select plan, you should also know there are other options open to you on the lifetime mortgage market. Other choices do not involve a monthly payment and may fit your lifestyle a little easier than the aforementioned plan.

Under lifetime mortgages you can take out a lump sum payment in which the interest rate is fixed. You pay the entire amount off at the end of your life or when you decide to sell the home. The advantage is no monthly payment and you get a nice sum to work on your garden, make other improvements or live.

Another choice is a drawdown lifetime mortgage where you can withdraw funds from a special account as you need them. Interest is only added to the amount you actually use and not what is available. It makes it slightly easier in the end since the amount owed is potentially less than the full equity you would have used with the lump sum option. If you are ready to consider Stonehaven or just more gardening tips hopefully you found helpful hints.

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