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How can an Equity Release Calculator assist in releasing equity from my home?

For most people, heading into retirement means a cut in monthly income. If you are facing this kind of financial setback, then the chances are good that you are keen to investigate strategies by means of which to enhance your pension plan.

Taking on an equity release policy is one way to achieve this. Equity release is a blanket term used to refer to financial products which allow you to unlock capital tied up in your home while at the same time remaining resident in the property. The loan is arranged so that it extends beyond your lifetime, and the debt is repaid at a later stage with the sale of your house.

If you are considering applying for an equity release plan, foremost in your mind are bound to be questions concerning how much money you can access. If you are looking for a basic figure, you can determine how much capital you can release by punching a few details into an online equity release calculator.

However, if you are looking for a more accurate calculation, you will need to get hold of a bank and arrange a property valuation. Only once the lending institution has worked out the value of your property will they be able to tell precisely how much money you can borrow.

Equity release is a useful means by which to unlock the capital tied up in your property. If you are keen to investigate this kind of scheme for yourself, you will find online equity release calculators designed to help you manage this goal.

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