Enhanced Lifetime Mortgages

Using Home Equity Release Schemes to Build a Better Life

Equity release schemes are a reliable way for homeowners, mostly those over the age of 55, to capitalize on the investment they have made in their home or property. Through release of equity, homeowners are given a cash sum, income, or a combination of cash and income while being afforded the opportunity to stay living in their home. Through these options, the homeowner still owns the home w…

Why a Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage May Be Your More Favourable Scheme

Equity release schemes were launched by many companies to help people meet their financial requirements after their retirement by releasing the equity held in their home. Unluckily, most of the old equity release schemes turned out to be quite rigid in nature. In equity release schemes, people used to forecast their future fund requirements for the next five years and turn in an application to…

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